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Thread: Amrecover/Header Problem

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    Default Amrecover/Header Problem

    I'm receiving an error concerning the header when I run extract in amrecover with the windows client. I have no problems with the dump. And amrecover itself seems to be working alright. The error occurs when I run the extract command. The message displayed is as follows:

    amrecover: strange amanda header: "AMANDA: FILE 20080613112822 NORTH-54356FB4A "
    C:/bin" lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar
    To restore, position tape at start of file and run:
    dd if=<tape> bs=32k skip=1 | /usr/bin/gzip -dc | /bin/tar.exe -xpGf
    - ...

    amrecover: Expected: "lev" Actual: "<null>"
    WEIRD file
    amrecover: bad header
    Extractor child exited with status 1

    The obvious problem is that the "lev" value is null. Any ideas what could be causing this or how to fix it? I don't have this problem when I run amrecover from the Linux machines...only from Windows. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem as yours, when using the windows client 2.5.2p1. I use

    dd if=<filename> bs=32k count=1

    to check the file header, but it looks normal...

    The windows backup file header:

    AMANDA: FILE 20080630172611 "C://cygwin/music" lev 0 comp N program /bin/tar
    To restore, position tape at start of file and run:
    dd if=<tape> bs=32k skip=1 | /bin/tar.exe -f - ...

    The linux backup file header:

    AMANDA: FILE 20080626010001 /var/www/html lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar
    To restore, position tape at start of file and run:
    dd if=<tape> bs=32k skip=1 | /usr/bin/gzip -dc | /bin/tar -xpGf - ...

    Did you manager to solve the problem??

    I followed the 15-min guide from Amanda wiki, setup a Windows client, a encrypted Linux client, and a normal Linux client. Only the normal Linux client can be restored. In addition, by sethost and setdisk on the Windows client, I can restore the Linux normal client file on the Windows machine.

    One more problem, do anyone use
    dd if=<input filename> bs=32k skip=1 of=<output filename>

    to extract the archive files backuped by amanda? I found that if compress is none in the dumptype, the output file is tar archive and can be opened, but not if the dumper compressed the backup file. How to open and see these compressed packages ?

    In summary, I have 3 problems:
    1. How to restore encrypted files?
    2. How to restore Windows client backuped files?
    3. How to open and see the archive (backuped and store in the tape) ?

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    Thanks to Dustin Mitchell from Zmanda a fix to this problem has been found. I was using paths such as "C:/bin" in my disklist file on all the directories I'm backing up on the Windows machine. This seems to have worked ok with the dump, but when it came time to do a restore Amanda had trouble parsing it. I simply replaced "C:/bin" with a cygwin path such as "/cygdrive/c/bin". Since this appears as a regular UNIX path Amanda had no problems parsing it and I'm able to restore the Windows directories now.
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