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    I am confused between Amanda and Zmanda. What backup software do I need to download for Fedora Linux version 8? If my company need a backup software for Redhat Enterprise Linux version 4, Is it O.K. to use Amanda backup software or they have to get the enterprise software? Do they need a separate backup server? I am jumping back and forth between and try to comprehend this.
    I sounds like dumb, but someone please help.


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    Amanda is the name of the backup software. Zmanda is the name of a company.

    There are two ways to get the Amanda software. Which you choose, depends on your needs:

    1. A completely free, community-supported version (Amanda community release) -- If you just want to use the Amanda software, and are happy getting support through the community (mail lists, wiki, and these forums) then the community release should work for you.

    2. A supported, tested business-class version available for purchase from Zmanda (Amanda Enterprise) -- If you want dedicated support, a service level agreement (SLA), available professional services, and a web-based management console, then you probably want Amanda Enterprise from Zmanda. If you're interested in this, send an email to [URL="malto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL]

    Both the community release of Amanda as well as Amanda Enterprise are available for both Fedora 8 and RHEL 4.

    Hope this clears things up!

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    does the community release support backup to AWS S3 ?

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    Yep. There's documentation for it on

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    Hi Team,

    Can I directly push backup disks from amanda client to s3?

    is there any option available like this or it is mandatory to use amanda-server(community edition) and from the amanda-server only i can upload backups to s3?

    Can i use any region of s3 to send data from amanda-server(community edition)

    Awaiting for your reply.


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    Do you have any recommendations for free sources on the subject?

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