The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 2.6.0p1.

Source tarballs are available from

* [URL][/URL]
* [URL][/URL]

Binaries for many systems are available from

* [URL][/URL]

Documentation can be found at

* [URL][/URL]

Here's a list of the changes for release 2.6.0p1 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog file for more details.

* It is mostly a bugfix release:
o Fix 'amfetchdump -p'.
o Fix amtapetype crash.
o Fix planner crash.
o An 'amadmin force' with strategy incronly will force a level 0 on the next run.
o Configure check to be sure it found gnutar.
o Others small bugs.