Curent Amanda 2.5.1b1 RPMs, built from sourceforge top of trunk tree
are available
for testing at [url][/url]

Please do not use these images for production machines. Use Amanda
stable release 2.5.0p2 for production use.

These are available for following platforms:
- Red Hat Enterprise server 4,
- Red Hat Enterprise server 3
- Suse Linux Enterprise 9,
- Suse Linux Enterprise 10 (release candidate),
- Open Suse 10.0,
- Fedora Core 3,
- Fedora Core 4 and
- Fedora Core 5.
- Source RPM and tar ball are also available.

Please report bugs found in these RPMs in sourceforge bug
tracker (use group v2.5.1b1).

Changes in 2.5.1b1
- SSL encryption support
- amrecover uses secure API
- New authentication protocols - bsdudp, bsdtcp (bsdtcp uses only 2 ports for
- Configuration (amanda.conf) override option (-o) for Amanda commands.
- Support for binary path names (spaces in filenames) for file names
in amanda.conf and disklist.
- Code cleanups: Lint clean, 64bit clean, memory/file descriptor leaks
fixed using valgrind tool, Coverity scan

You can find updated man pages and documentation in [url][/url]