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Thread: Solaris 10 installation problem

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    Default Solaris 10 installation problem

    I have just tried to install MySQLZrm-2.0-SunOS5.10-noarch.pkg. I did download the pre-requisite packages but I still got this error message:

    ## Executing postinstall script.
    Pattern 'svc:/network/mysql-zrm/tcp' doesn't match any instances
    inetconv: Error opening /usr/share/mysql-zrm/plugins/xinetd.smf: No such file or directory
    Pattern 'svc:/network/mysql-zrm/tcp' doesn't match any instances
    failed. Please check your system logs.

    A quick check of the contents of the package says the file:


    is not included e.g.

    ls usr/share/mysql-zrm/plugins/********

    I think all I need is that file...


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    thanks for catching the packaging issue. this file is not really required on the ZRM server. Anyway, the issue has been fixed and new packages are available for
    download in [URL=]ZRM downloads[/URL] page.


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    Default All works this time

    Have downloaded the package and it installed ok.


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