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Thread: Need help implementing Backup solution

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    Talking Need help implementing Backup solution

    I have 15 office PC's that are in a windows home network configuration (not on a domain) and need a backup solution that will back up each PC's outlook email, desktop, my documents and such on a daily basis.

    At the moment, to back up computers, I have to manually copy these folders onto our "file server" which is just a shared PC on a windows XP pro platform with lots o' HD space. Nothing special.

    I want to back up everyone's PC onto the File server daily and backup the servers (we have a print server and VPN server, etc.) onto tapes daily or if possible, backup the servers to a remote server.

    I have an extra desktop with a tape drive running windows and plan to wipe it and install fedora 8 on it.

    Will a linux server running amanda help me achieve this on a windows home network and how can I set this up?

    I am the only IT guy here so it's going to be an overwhelming project.

    Any info will be appreciated.

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    I'm sorry, I have no answer to your request just the question whether you were successful with your task yet?!

    I have a similar problem and wonder if you managed to run amanda on fedora8? I'm having a pretty hard time with that... maybe you could let me know your experiences with that

    Thank you in advance,

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    You should be able to set-up a Fedora 8 Amanda server with no problems (You can even get pre-built Amanda RPM's for Fedora 8 [URL=""]here[/URL].)

    To get you started, there is a wealth of information on how to set-up Amanda on the [URL=""]wiki[/URL]. The easy way to set this up is to provide a share on each windows machine and to have your Fedora server just back them up via Samba. There is specific informaton on how to set this up [URL=""]here[/URL].

    If you don't want to have an open SMB share for each client, then there is a specific page on using a windows client on the wiki [URL=""]here[/URL].

    Lots of links, I know, but I hope these pointers help!

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    Just food for thought...

    What I'm working on is ~as follows:

    - The PC clients connect to an NAS via CIFS/SMB and use the 'My Documents' syncing built into Windoze. The clients are set to mirror the NAS onto themselves (offline storage in Windoze mis-speak) so that they can operate if mobile, network outage, server maintenance, etc. The NAS is a high-rel storage media in case someone drops their notebook or a hard disk dies. It's NOT a backup. I'm using a RAID5 pre-rolled Linux box, but you could setup the same thing using your Big Disk Windoze Box. RAID really isn't required for this part. The NAS basically puts everything on one machine, pulls the CPU cycles for the backup off the clients, and puts it somewhere that doesn't walk or get turned off at the end of the day.

    Outlook gets backed up with the Personal Folder Backup addin (Microsoft).

    Also have public folders that the group uses to share files between everyone. It's open to anyone with a use account on the NAS. It gets backed up too on a separate share.

    Anything left on the desktop is the user's problem.

    - NFS shares from the NAS for the '/home/<users>' directories for the Amanda server to automount (autofs). Since the NAS runs on Linux, seemed the easiest to implement an NFS connection instead of putting Samba on the Amanda server.

    - Amanda server dumps the mounted directories to SCSI tape changer bot. It's an Exabyte (now Tandberg) VXA2 PacketLoader 1U. I mention it because they were great answering a question for me.

    Seems to work ok for the tape dump part. Still working on the recovery part. Having an indexing problem. Just disclosing the issue in case it's a topology thing and not just an Amanda config problem as I'm suspecting at this point.

    Pretty much a Linux newb, even after running HPUX boxes 10+ years ago. It's been an adventure setting up Amanda so far. At least I don't have to wonder who'll own it this time next year

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