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    How To Setup IPTABLES for Zmanda

    This thread helps customers to setup IPTABLES in Zmanda. This will ensure proper rules are set in firewall (IPTABLES) to allow Zmanda to work smoothly. There are two methods to use IPTABLES for...
  2. Mysql_zrm-specific table restoration failed


    MySQL specific table restoration fails in ZRM. Single table restoration failed with below error.

    Restoring from full backup /home/mysql-zrm/test2/20190103160301.
    - sh:...
  3. Mysql_zrm---inappropriate ioctl for device


    MySQL backup fails with the error "“inappropriate IOCTL for device”.

    "/var/local/mysql_binlogs/mysql-bin.003295"Inappropriate IOCTL for device
    backup:ERROR: copy-plugin exited with...
  4. Zmanda Aims to Make Enterprise Backup Affordable with 4.0 Software Release

    Zmanda, a leader in open source enterprise backup solutions, announced that a new software release will be available in the Spring of 2020. In the upcoming release, Zmanda has made security,...
  5. Compatibility of ZMC with AWS Storage Gateway

    Why AWS with Zmanda 3.6

    Tapes are found to be one of the most reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. Tapes are one of the most durable solutions for this problem. It is not very often...
  6. How to Create a Windows Template on Zmanda Windows Client (ZWC) and Configure on ZMC


    To perform a specific backup on windows, a Zmanda Management Console user need to create a windows template on Zmanda Windows Client (ZWC) and configure it with the Zmanda...
  7. Zmc --- request failed: Error sending req: Write error to: Broken pipe

    Below steps helps to resolved broken pipe error in Zmanda during the backup with error text Broken Pipe. Broken pipe errors generally occurs due to network failure.

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    Zmanda VMware Integration


    The below instructions helps to integration of Zmanda with VMware (V6.5). This will help to take VM image level backup using Zmanda.


    Install Zmanda 3.6 in any...
  9. Restore from ZMC fails with error: Client is not ready for restore


    While attempting to restore the backed up data using ZMC, the restore operation might fail with error "Client is not ready for restore"
    Such issues are caused by the lack of...
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    Reset password for zmc login (internal)


    The default username and password for Zmanda Management Console is "admin". However this default username and password can be changed as per users will. However if there is a...
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    Label tapes manually for Vaulting


    Autolabel option is used to label the tapes automatically and it is enabled by default while vaulting to tapes. This means the tapes will be labelled automatically as per the autolabel...
  12. How To | Create a Backup Set and Configure it to the Media ---- (Amanda Enterprise)

    The Below instructions will help you to configure backup set and media in Amanda enterprise.

    Amanda Enterprise, a Zmanda product, uses a key policy concept of “Backup Set”. It simplifies and...

    Zmanda saves the debug logs under /var/log/Amanda/<backupset name>. However users faced issues related to AMREST-SERVER logs size growing rapidly and occupying the disk. AMREST logs contains info...
  14. ZRM -- unknown table 'column_statistics' in information_schema (1109)

    MySQL database backup failed with error Unknown table 'COLUMN_STATISTICS' in information schema (1109). MySQL database does not have the “COLUMN STATISTICS table under information schema and back up...
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    Installing ZRM on Solaris 10

    Below instructions will help to install ZRM on Solaris 10.

    Dependencies and binaries can be downloaded from portal.
    Copy the solaris dependency package...
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    How To | Reset Your Zmanda Admin Password

    Below instructions will help you to reset Zmanda Admin Password

    In the Zmanda console login page, click on "Can't access your account?"

    Enter ZMC username in the Lost Password section and...
  17. ZRM - Full Back up fails after enabling GTID features on MySQL server

    Application :ZRM for MySql
    Version: 3.7 & 3.8


    Full Backups failing after enabling GTID (Global transaction identifier) on MySQL. Output of mysqldump is as below:

    - Warning: A...
  18. Downloading Amanda Enterprise Server and Client binaries from Zmanda Website

    Hi All,

    Below instructions helps to download Amanda Enterprise Server and Client binaries from Zmanda Website

    To download the software, place a request for a free trial license from the Zmanda...
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