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  1. Lost my amanda database. Only copy is in an amanda tape!

    Hello Zamanda users!

    I come to ask you help once more (after a good time of absence). The question is simple and I hope the solution is also simples :)

    I completely lost my amanda database, the...
  2. Problemas Solved

    Thank you martineau

    I did a modification:

    columnspec "Disk=1:-1"

    And it works fine

    Thank you again
  3. How to enlarge the Columns of the Dump Summary Mail?

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to enlarge the columns of the "Dump Summary" that i receive by Email everyday so, i can see the entire path that i'm backing up:


  4. Please help!! "amrecover: Can't read file header"


    I am trying to recover files from a Ultrium LTO2 tape, the tape works normally but, accidentally i run the amlabel to put the same label on the tape.

    When i try to recover the files i get...
  5. Problem Solved

    Problem Solved

    I think this problem happen because the amanda database is using a different encoding of the linux, and when amanda try to extract the files of the tape, the GNUTAR cant find the...
  6. Please help, i can't recovery non-ascii files

    (Sorry bad english)

    Hi guys, i can't recovery non-ascii files.

    i'm using amrecover to recovery files, my amanda version is 2.5, when i send the ls command in the amrecover shell it return a...
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