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  1. sigh. BUMP :mad:


  2. massive time jump?

    Looking at the logs today... I see a massive time jump, 16,000+ seconds(?!?) between the last successful command and the timeout of localhost mounts.

    planner: time 3008.021: got result for host...
  3. bump

    bumping for inactivity.

    could really use some direction in troubleshooting this failure.... it's been weeks now since critical localhost mounts have been backed up.

    please advise.

  4. exit status 0

    as posted above, when logged-in as user amandabackup, executing the runtar command completes without error:

    /usr/libexec/amanda/runtar hatteras /bin/tar --create --file /dev/null...
  5. bump for inactivity. Could really use some...

    bump for inactivity.

    Could really use some input on this failing tar command.

    please advise.
  6. command completed without error...

    command completed without error... so why is amdump failing?

    /usr/libexec/amanda/runtar hatteras /bin/tar --create --file /dev/null --numeric-owner --directory / --one-file-system...
  7. How can I debug the failed runtar command?

    How can I debug the failed runtar command?

    I tried to execute the failing command as amandabackup and received the following error:

    /usr/libexec/amanda/runtar runtar hatteras /bin/tar...
  8. bump for inactivity.

    bump for inactivity.
  9. amandad and sendsize logs



    client_sendsize_log (referenced in sendsize log above):

    I'm seeing the error...
  10. no input so here is a wild shot in the dark



    relevant info:

    planner: time 0.080: setting up estimates for localhost:/
    localhost:/ overdue 17233 days for level 0
  11. amcheck results, follow-up question

    Results of amcheck:

    amcheck hatteras
    Amanda Tape Server Host Check
    ERROR: lbl-templ set but no LPR command defined. You should reconfigure amanda
  12. No dice


    I have adjusted the DLE for the md1 mountpoint on localhost as instructed above:

    localhost / encrypted-gnutar-local

    The error remains:
  13. localhost backups intermittently failing, localhost NAK: timeout on reply pipe


    We've been running Amanda 3.3.4 and successfully backing directories on localhost for a few years. A few months ago I started getting intermittent failures on four of the server's local...
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