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    Updated patch: diff -up...

    Updated patch:

    diff -up MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-backup.mysqldump-warnings MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-backup
    --- MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-backup.mysqldump-warnings ...
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    This is my suggestion, unless there are error...

    This is my suggestion, unless there are error conditions for which mysqldump does not return 0. We probably always want to see the output from mysqldump (and we did before). We should also not...
  3. Support exclude-patter for logical backups, exclude information_schema

    This patch enables exclude-pattern to work with logical backups, excludes information_schema by default via enumAllDatabases() (paving the way for excluding performance_schema as well), and cleans up...
  4. patch

    diff -up MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-restore.tmpwrite MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-restore
    --- MySQL-zrm-3.0/usr/bin/mysql-zrm-restore.tmpwrite 2013-08-26 14:45:36.000000000 -0600
  5. mysql-zrm-restore does not check for running out of disk space

    In extractToTmpFile(), there are no checks if the writes to the temp file succeeds or not. It will happily continue trying to restore from a truncated file if the tmpdir is not large enough to hold...
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