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  1. fixed ...I think.

    I read through the post by jdbradbury and I decided to apply the patch that you posted for him since he was having the same error. (even though I am already using 1.0.2 version). This appears to have...
  2. 5 gigs. Yes, I am using 1.0.2.

    5 gigs.

    Yes, I am using 1.0.2.
  3. spoke too soon!

    Backup to disk worked great. Upload to S3 did not. Connection works but here is the error I get:

    Too many retries; last message was 'S3 Error: Unkown Empty response body'

    More help, please.
  4. Yippeee

    I followed your instructions (and Microsoft's) and have started what appears to be a successful backup of Exchange now.

  5. Info you requested

    Here is my vssadmin list writers result:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>vssadmin list writers
    vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
    (C) Copyright 2001 Microsoft Corp....
  6. Replies

    Me too!

    I would be very interested in a reseller version or program too.
  7. View Post

    I cannot get the Exchange Server backup to work. I get “validation of disk list entry failed”.

    OS: Windows Server 2003 SBS
    attempting to perform full backup to disk (other backups work, file,...
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