View Full Version : zrm backup on replication slave

August 24th, 2007, 03:02 AM
Hello forum,
ZRM for MySQL looks pretty nice.

Anyway I still have some troubles ;)

what I usually do for full backup is to backup the slave (DBs + master.info + relay-logs).
These I can throw on any other slave without troubles.

using the mysql-zrm (replication=1, lvm):
mysql-zrm-scheduler --now --backup-set dailyrun --backup-level 0

the script will backup the DBs + master.info + relay-log.info
that leads to restore errors, as the relay-log.fileid doesn't exist on the new slave

Why is the relay-log.info in the full backup without the corresponding relay-log.fileid?

How to specify that the bin-logs should be as well in the backup?

Platform rhel 5.0
mysql-zrm-version=ZRM for MySQL Community Edition - version 1.2.1
replication=master.info relay-log.info

P.S. In 1.2.1 there is the following error:
Found = in conditional, should be == at /usr/lib/mysql-zrm/ZRM/MySQL.pm line 200.