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August 9th, 2007, 07:06 AM
July has been a quiet month for Amanda development, with development mostly focused on bug fixes. Developers are working hard on significant changes, including the Device API and Application API, although neither is quite ready for release yet. We are also beginning work on a new data-transfer architecture which will enable lots of exciting new functionality.

Wiki Changes

* Paddy added the page, "FAQ:How do I force Amanda to do a full backup?" to address a common question seen in the forums and on the mailing list.

* Gavin added a link for the DLE term to "Amanda#DISKLIST_FILE", including a very brief description.

* Squadra added a new story to Amanda user surveys and success stories, replete with a detailed performance analysis.

* Cameron Matheson added instructions for running Amanda over SSH with a non-standard port.

Forums and Mailing Lists

The Amanda team provided support for users via the Zmanda forums and mailing lists, as did a number of helpful newcomers, including Andrew Rakowski. Thanks to all who helped out!

Code Changes

Among numerous small fixes and tweaks:

* Stefan G. Weichinger noticed that 'amadmin Conf balance' output was misaligned; Dustin J. Mitchell committed a fix (r425)

* Jean-Louis Martineau improved restore's performance by removing an unecessary fast-forward operation (r427)

* Chris Hoogendyk and Olivier Nicole suggested better documentation for the -o configuration-override option (r429)

* Paul Bijnens and Dimitri Gorokhovik submitted patches for bugs in chg-multi.sh (r431 and r442)

* Dustin J. Mitchell fixed problems finding 'mt' and 'mtx' in chg-zd-mtx.sh (r438)

* Dustin J. Mitchell modified all Amanda shell scripts to function correctly if internationalization support is not available (r444)

* Terry Burton submitted an updated DLT tape label template (r452).

Jean-Louis Martineau is working behind the scenes on the Application API, and Ian Turner is putting the finishing touches on the Device API. Hopefully, next month's status update will highlight the release of the Device API!

The complete update for July is available here: