View Full Version : Amanda performance & scalability and real-life success stories

May 11th, 2006, 12:46 PM
Recently Iíve asked Amanda users to provide me with examples of Amanda protecting Terabytes of data for the upcoming Curtis Prestonís book "Backup on a budget" from O'Reilly. Many users send me their success stories and here are just two examples:

- A cinematographic post-production company with credits for "Batman Begins" and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" has 3 Debian Amanda servers on 2 sites protecting 84 Linux and IRIX clients with total amount of data 26 TB. They recover files about twice per week due to user error. In three years of production they had three instances of total volume loss despite using RAID arrays. Amanda was able to recover all three lost volumes.

- A very large Japanese manufacturing company has 4 Amanda servers running on Solaris and BSD protecting more than a hundred Amanda clients on BSD, Windows, Linux, HP-UX and Solaris running Oracle. They use Amanda in production since July of 1999. Total amount of data to backup is a few dozens Terabytes. All their holding disks are on the RAID arrays with capacity of up to 4 TB per holding disk. Fast arrays and Amanda servers with high I/O allow streaming throughput from holding disk to tapes at approximately 120 MB/second. For backup of databases on Solaris they checkpoint the database, pop a snapshot, release the database and eventually ufsdump the snapshot.

Please post here details about your large implementation of Amanda and performance details.
Dmitri Joukovski