View Full Version : Our first results with amanda

May 7th, 2006, 07:17 AM
Hello all,

since 3 days we are working with amanda to implement it on our system.
Now we decided that our veritas backup go to 'trash'...LOL.
Amanda is brandnew for us and can be very tricky,but the informations in the man-howtos and here in the wiki/forum was very helpful.
With veritas every we had problems with locked-files..but with amanda this problem now is away..I hope so ;-).
Yes.we need more time to test amanda..of course...But the most backups looks very fine.
What I will say:When You are a newbie like me look here in the wiki,You will find millions tons of good information..and of course in the forum.
Thanx for the good software soltution :-)