View Full Version : problem: Slit Dumps across tapes

June 27th, 2007, 02:47 PM
I've read the HOWTO Documents that speaks about how to split a DLE in different tapes in case a DLE is larger than the space available in one type.

I've set 5 tapes, each one is 200 Gb and my tape_splitsize has been set in 20 Gb, but it seems is not working.

This is my configuration:

define tapetype HARD-DISK {
length 200 Gb

tapetype HARD-DISK

define dumptype user-tar-span {
tape_splitsize 20 Gb
compress client fast
comment "tape-spanning user partitions dumped with tar"
priority medium

aaah I am using the tpchanger "chg-disk", what I've read is the best option to manage in this case my virtual tapes.

This is the log afther running my amdump (only the part that fails spliting):

START taper datestamp 20070627162100 label JID-Backups-1 tape 0
WARNING planner disk, full dump (231368300KB) will be larger than available tape space
FAIL planner /data 20070627162100 0 [dump larger than available tape space, 231368300 KB, but cannot incremental dump new disk]
FINISH planner date 20070627162100 time 5.284

Can someone help me please with this issue ?

The version I am using is (Client & Server) : VERSION="Amanda-2.5.2"


June 28th, 2007, 06:41 AM
is runtapes greater than 1? Amanda can't split dumps if it only has one disk to work with.