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February 3rd, 2020, 01:00 PM

The below instructions helps to integration of Zmanda with VMware (V6.5). This will help to take VM image level backup using Zmanda.


Install Zmanda 3.6 in any flavour of Linux machine
The server vm should have good staging/Holding space. It should be able to occupy at least one full vm backup(vmdk file size)
The holding space path can be changed in the Zmanda management console >> staging (Backup runs staged at*)
Install vcli and vddk from vmware

Note: The version matters for Zmanda. We should download vddk build version 5136645 and Vcli build Number 1384587

Download link for VDDK:


Download link VCLI:


Copy the tar file to the Zmanda server and unzip it
Install vddk and VCLI in Zmanda server using below command

#cd vmware-vix-disklib-distrib

Create softlink to the uninstallation script

#ln -s vmware-install.pl bin64/vmware-uninstall-vix-disklib.pl

Execute the script

#perl vmware-install.pl

Specify root directory: /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/

Unzip the vcli installer.
#cd vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib
#perl vmware-install.pl

Ensure that the vcli and vddk is completely installed without any error. If any dependency package is missing kindly install with yum

Service restart

#service zmc_aee restart

Now login to zmc console and configure the vmware backup


If any issue is observed, related logs can be found in the below location

If any issue the related logs can be found in following path.

GUI Issues: /opt/zmanda/amanda/logs

Process level: /var/log/amanda/server

Client level logs: /var/log/amanda/client

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Please follow the above steps to fixe the issue. In case if you need any assistance, kindly contact support.
support can be reached @ Zsupport@betsol.com.
Or call us @ 888-496-2632 (U.S.)/ 408-732-3208 (INTL)