View Full Version : Reset password for zmc login (internal)

January 28th, 2020, 12:00 PM

The default username and password for Zmanda Management Console is "admin". However this default username and password can be changed as per users will. However if there is a requirement to reset the password, we can reset the password back to “admin” by running a password reset script in Zmanda.


The script for resetting the admin password can be invoked by running the following command as the root user.

Alternatively, we can reset the password by logging into the Zmanda internal database. However, this method is not recommended and should only be used in case the reset script fails to work.
This can be done by runnning the below command

#/opt/zmanda/zrm/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -pzmcdb-admin zmc -e "update users set password=SHA1('admin');"

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Please follow the above steps to fix the issue. In case if you need any assistance, kindly contact support.
support can be reached @ Zsupport@betsol.com.
Or call us @ 888-496-2632 (U.S.)/ 408-732-3208 (INTL)