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September 28th, 2018, 08:48 AM
Let's take a moment to find out the advantages of Broyal coin through the article below

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To meet need of the community, #BRoyal’s blockchain system is designed with the following features:

Easy to upgrade and fix error: All systems are error-prone even with the official version running. However, the system must be well-designed, transparent and well-structured so that when running, any errors occurred can be fixed in a short time without interrupting the service.
Processing Speed: The biggest problem that blockchain systems are having is the speed of transaction processing. Visa handles 1667 transactions per second while Paypal handles 193 transactions per second. Compared to them, Bitcoin handles only 3–4 transactions per second while Ethereum is a bit better with 20 transactions per second. Broyal coin is based on ETH platform, but by using Hybrid algorithms, we can easily calculate millions of transactions per second.
Ability to use: #BRoyal allows levels to be exactly defined by combining features such as web toolkit for interface development, self-descriptive interface, self-describing database schema and the privilege declaration scheme.
Flexibility: Ethereum had the whole system stuck because of the DAO attack. Everything stopped and the community was splitted because of this attack. Since BRoyal uses DPOS, this can not happen again in their ecosystem. If a DAPP fails, the elected mass producers may freeze until the system is fixed. This is simply an extension of the DPOS system.
Parallel processing: In parallel processing, program commands are divided into multiple processors. In this way, the runtime of the program is greatly reduced. BRoyal offers parallel processing of smart contracts through horizontal extensibility, asynchronous communication and interoperability.
Self-development: Any blockchain based on BRoyal software will have to generate 5% of natural inflation each year. This will be distributed to the Block manufacturers of the platform involved in confirming the transaction and the smart deal, or people who get most votes from the owners. The reason why this happens is to ensure that a blockchain does not depend on any single platform, organization or individual for its growth, development or maintenance.

Link web:broyal.network/login?parent=broyal