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June 13th, 2007, 03:28 PM
Somebody knows why im having this error ??

i will really apreciate if somebody help me! :)

[root@virt1 amanda]# amrecover -s host1.stealth.com
AMRECOVER Version 2.5.0p2. Contacting server on host1.stealth.com ...
220 host1 AMANDA index server (2.5.0p2) ready.
200 Access OK
Setting restore date to today (2007-06-13)
200 Working date set to 2007-06-13.
Scanning /dumps/amanda...
200 Config set to DailySet1.
200 Dump host set to virt1.stealth.com.
Trying disk / ...
Trying disk rootfs ...
Can't determine disk and mount point from $CWD '/var/log/amanda'
amrecover> setdisk /home/protoloco/respaldo
200 Disk set to /home/protoloco/respaldo.
amrecover> add lala1
Added /lala1
amrecover> lcd /tmp
amrecover> extract
Extracting files using tape drive null: on host amandahost.
The following tapes are needed: DailySet1-011
Restoring files into directory /tmp
Continue [?/Y/n]? y

Extracting files using tape drive null: on host amandahost.
Load tape DailySet1-011 now
Continue [?/Y/n/s/t]? y
cannot connect to amandahost: Success
amrecover - can't talk to tape server

amrecover*.debug ERROR..
add_file: Pondering ditem->path="/lala1"
add_file: (Successful) Added /lala1
add_file: Pondering ditem->path="/."
amrecover: stream_client_privileged: gethostbyname(amandahost) failed
amrecover: pid 3085 finish time Wed Jun 13 17:56:15 2007


June 13th, 2007, 03:32 PM
is the tape server also on host1.stealth.com?
If so, run

amrecover -s host1.stealth.com -t host1.stealth.com

June 13th, 2007, 03:37 PM
THANKS A LOT!, it worked :)