View Full Version : amanda backup with 2 lto tape drives

March 31st, 2017, 12:49 PM

I am thinking about building an amanda backup solution

the machine would be centos 7 64 and i was hoping to use 2 lto4 tape drives

I have about 9 diffrent servers - a mix of linux ( ubuntu , centos ) and windows .
I was hoping to use 1 tape drive to do incremental back ups of the servers
the second tape drive to do over wite full back up of db dumps and maybe the occational full manual back up.

My thought I This arrangment ( and since I *have* 2 lto4 ...avail )

I could keep 1 tape drive loaded with incremental
and the second could run a diff job ( conf??) for a diffrent duty.

the tape drives are quantum hh lto4 "b" connected via iscsi