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May 2nd, 2007, 01:07 AM
i have seen from the logs what actually zrm does at the backend and i have noticed that to take the backup of a particular database it first copies that database into temporary directory and then run tar or gzip over it.I just needed to know that if i do have a database of over 200Gb then do i need 400Gb space for its backup to be taken thru ZRM ? If yes then is there any way to escape it out.Kindly help.
Hoping a quick and positive response from ur side.

May 7th, 2007, 03:20 AM
anyone out there to help me or there;s a no solution to it.

May 7th, 2007, 08:10 PM

you can use --tmpdir option. Specify --tmpdir same as --destination this will ensure space required would be eventually the same

See the option at the end of the help o/p shown below.

/usr/bin/mysql-zrm --action backup
[--user <user>] [--password <password>]
[--host <hostname>] [--port <portnumber>]
[--ndb-connectstring <name>]
[--socket <name>] [--ssl-options <"MySQL ssl options">]
[--mysql-binpath <mysql binaries directory>]
[--mysql-binlog-path <mysql binary log directory>]
[--backup-name <name>]
[--mailto <mail address>]
[--comment "This is a comment"]
[--all-databases] [--databases <"name1 name2 ...">]
[--database <name> [--tables <"name1 name2 ...">]]
[--backup-level <0|1>]
[--backup-mode <raw|logical>]
[--destination <directory name>]
[--lvm-snapshot <size>]
[--replication | --noreplication]
[--default-character-set <char set name>]
[--compress-plugin <program>]
[--encrypt-plugin <program> [--decrypt-option <option>]]
[--passfile <path>]
[--copy-plugin <plugin>]
[--ssh-user <user>]
[--socket-remote-port <port>]
[--remote-mysql-binpath <path>]
[--pre-backup-plugin <plugin>]
[--pre-backup-plugin-options <"option1 option2 ...">]
[--post-backup-plugin <plugin>]
[--post-backup-plugin-options <"option1 option2 ...">]
[--retention-policy <amount of time to retain backup>]
[--backup-set <backup-set name>]
[--options-file <filename>]
[--tmpdir <temporary directory to be used>]

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