View Full Version : BackupPC_fixLinks.pl - Missing jLib.pm. Where to download?

April 15th, 2014, 09:02 PM
Hi all,

We are attempting to fix some corruption on our pool. We have found the script BackupPC_fixLinks.pl (http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/backuppc/index.php?title=BackupPC_FixLinks) . We are going to try the script even though it seems not to be have been updated for a while. The wiki page says to install jLbi.pm but we cannot find this perl module anywhere. Does someone have a link?

The back story. Please note this is our current conceptual model of what is wrong. If it sounds wrong please let us know.

We added a host, backed it up then decided the backup config needed to be changed toprevent service downtime. So we deleted the host from the host config and re-added it later with a different backup strategy. ie using LVM.

We did not remove the files from the original backup. Somewhere along the line backuppc got its index out-of-sync with the actual physical files in the pool. I can't remember the exact steps that caused this but we started getting

""The directory /backups/content/2010/3/17/8/40 is empty""

when browsing a folder on the web front-end even though we know there is content in the folder. At some point we deleted the files listed for the host under the pool as per instructions on removing a host and re-added the host. But we still get "directory is empty" messages. What is odd is that some of the backups do includes the files in the directory. So one incremental backup will include them and the next won't. It looks like the folder are empty in all full backups.

Any pointers appreciated.