View Full Version : Configuration between Amanda (Linux server) and Zmanda (Windows Client)

January 3rd, 2014, 02:41 AM
Hello all,

I have been trying to fix this issue, but I'm not getting anywhere.

Firstly, some information:
Server: Ubuntu 12.04 (x64) running Amanda 3.3.0
Client: Windows 8 (x86) running zmanda 3.3.0

My windows machine is called windows.lan just for testing purposes (and is correctly set in /etc/hosts). Here's the issue:

backup@ubuntu:/etc/amanda/DailySet1$ amcheck DailySet1
Amanda Tape Server Host Check
found in slot 6: volume 'DailySet1-6'
slot 6: volume 'DailySet1-6'
Will write to volume 'DailySet1-6' in slot 6.
NOTE: skipping tape-writable test
NOTE: host info dir /usr/adm/amanda/curinfo/windows.lan does not exist
NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
NOTE: index dir /usr/adm/amanda/index/windows.lan does not exist
NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
Server check took 0.608 seconds

Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
ERROR: windows.lan: Unauthenticated user
Client check: 1 host checked in 0.259 seconds. 1 problem found.

I have tried adding the username+password of the amandabackup user (active on the windows machine) to /etc/amandapass and /etc/amanda/DailySet1/disklist. Both options did not resolve the issue.

So basically, where do I configure the username+password of the windows amanda user on my Linux machine?

Thanks in advance!