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October 21st, 2013, 06:21 AM
....I've spent the last week researching to death the installation and configuration of Amanda and I am pretty pleased with how things are going, and would like to think I have gotten my head around it (and RTFM'd enough) to justify this forum post :rolleyes:

I've read the FAQ on Full & Incremental backups here (http://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/FAQ:How_do_I_make_Amanda_do_full_backups_on_weeken ds_and_incrementals_during_the_week%3F) and I understand fully the reasons why I should let Amanda do her thing, which I'm happy to do to a point...

All I want to do is ensure that the full backup is started on a Friday evening as there is less load on the systems over the weekend, so initially I went with the following...

dumpcycle 7
runspercycle 5

...and set cron to backup every weekday, with the very first backup starting this Friday.

But then it occurred to me that this approach can't be trusted 100% to run the full backup on a Friday because if the full backup fails, it would throw subsequent cycles out, i.e. the Full may occur on a Tuesday night for example, meaning that the backup window will spill over into peak use times.

I decided (and this is where I am seeking confirmation or criticism) that I would use one of the settings from method 2 in the aforementioned FAQ and make sure that the Friday backup runs with the following configuration override:


My three questions are:

Am I right in saying that if I negate the 'nofull' option (as per the FAQ) for the Monday to Friday backups, Amanda will try and do a full backup on Monday should the Friday full fail?
After the 'noinc' backup on a Friday (i.e. do a full backup) will Amanda record the fact that a full backup was forced and therefore not try and do one on the Monday (since dumpcycle = 7)?
How does the configuration override 'noinc' differ from running amadmin force just before the Friday backup? or does it achieve the same thing in a different way?

Thanks in advance for any assistance, clarification and criticism!

Kind regards,