View Full Version : Amanda needs nice and ionice config options desperately

January 17th, 2013, 12:50 PM
It's high time Amanda devs realised that the defaults for Amanda have the serious potential to batter both Amanda clients and Amanda servers involved in the backup scheme. With Web and DB servers often being busy 24x7. you cannot afford to significantly slow down any public-facing service, even overnight (especially if e-commerce is involved or your site gets a lot of visitors from other time zones).

Hence, Amanda needs a way to throttle CPU and I/O used by Amanda during backups in all of its client and server software (i.e. all platforms too). On Linux, this is traditionally done with nice and ionice (you need to root to raise the priority above normal of course), but I don't know about Windows - you'd have to find the closest equivalents.

Yes, there are homebrew ways of doing this on Linux (e.g. wrap Amanda binaries or xinetd with nice and ionice commands), but this is extremely kludgy and doesn't apply to non-Linux platforms either.

I am therefore requesting that Amanda has new nice and ionice config options (hopefully added to all platforms, not just Linux) that have configurable levels mapping to the man pages for nice and ionice. Yes, you will need it on the Amanda server too in case you are running something else on there other than Amanda and don't want to impact it.