View Full Version : First time installer feedback

February 29th, 2012, 09:12 AM
First, thank you for putting together a great tool! Amanda gives me exactly what I need to get my job done. I just wanted to provide some feedback from a first time installer.

Thinking back over my install experience on Centos 6, I can say one of the most valuable things for me was the SSH documentation ("Backing Up Other Systems"). Though, I actually never even noticed that section! If you look at the getting started with Amanda pages, it is under "Customizing". I would suggest lumping it together with the "Getting Started" information. To me, "Customizing" is for advanced users and since backing up other machines over the network is almost a given use case, it should exist in the getting started section, or indicated some other way that a new user knows that they are really going to need this info. From that miss on my part started a tailspin for me of confusing tutorials on the web, old documentation, etc., etc. that burnt a lot of time. Certainly some of this was due to my inexperience, but locking onto that "Backing Up Other Systems" section sooner would have saved me a lot of time.

One other pain point was trying to do the install / config while keeping my Centos 6 package structure "clean". Redhat 6 variants seem to be holding at the 2.6.1 version of Amanda. I am not sure why this is. Over the course of my searches for solutions to problems, I saw encouragements to "update to the latest version of Amanda", which goes against the concept of keeping the distro stable by using yum. Also, most literature I saw was pointer references to the web site ("the amanda backup site has more details..."), but the wiki is geared towards 3.3+ now. So the end result is you don't know if you are using a feature that is in 3.3+ or a feature that will work ok in 2.6.1. It would have been nice to see a how-to on the Centos 6 wiki pointing to getting started documentation on Amanda wiki for version 2.6.1.

Overall though, my backups are running (and I am able to restore of course), so I am really happy with the results. Thank you!!!