View Full Version : How to copy dump across two disk

September 19th, 2011, 06:19 AM
Hi,i have install Amanda 3.3.0. I want to know how i can make my "dump", copy to two disk at the same time, so in case one disk fail i have a backup.

Right now, my config look like this:

org "DailySet1" # your organization name for reports
dumpuser "amandabackup" # the user to run dumps under
mailto "[email protected]" # space separated list of operators at your site
dumpcycle 1week # the number of days in the normal dump cycle
runspercycle 5 # the number of amdump runs in dumpcycle days
tapecycle 12 # the number of tapes in rotation
runtapes 1 # number of tapes to be used in a single run of amdump
tpchanger "chg-disk" # the tape-changer glue script
tapedev "file://data0/amanda/vtape/DailySet1" # the no-rewind tape device
changerfile "/etc/amanda/DailySet1/changer.conf" # tape changer configuration parameter file
changerdev "/dev/null" # tape changer configuration parameter device
tapetype HARDDISK # what kind of tape it is
labelstr "DailySet1" # label constraint regex: all tapes must match
dtimeout 1800 # number of idle seconds before a dump is aborted
ctimeout 30 # max number of secconds amcheck waits for each client
etimeout 300 # number of seconds per filesystem for estimates
define dumptype global {
comment "Global definitions"
auth "bsdtcp"
define dumptype gui-base {
program "GNUTAR"
comment "gui base dumptype dumped with tar"
compress none
index yes
define tapetype HARDDISK {
comment "Virtual Tapes"
length 5000 mbytes
includefile "advanced.conf"
includefile "/etc/amanda/template.d/dumptypes"
includefile "/etc/amanda/template.d/tapetypes"

as you can see, my "tapedev" point to file://data0 ..., that a raid 5 with 3 disk, i have the same raid 5 with 3 disk under /data1, and that on this one i want to dump my copy, that will be my backup.

I read about "Rait" in the "Stripe Dumps across Tapes using RAIT Howto", but i not sure if it what i looking for, anyone can help me on this one..

Thank a lot!