View Full Version : Block-level Incrementals like Mozy?

January 28th, 2011, 09:10 AM
Am installing a small network of new Win7 and old XP boxes at my golf club. I'd wanted to use something for offsite backup that supported MySQL - hence am looking at ZCB.

At home I use Mozy and find its block-level incremental backup works well, particularly with Outlook .pst files.

I saw an earlier post that concluded that ZCB did not have a similar function - that would be a show-stopper for my environment. The earlier post was a year or two old - has anything changed since?

Thanks - Ron

January 28th, 2011, 06:41 PM

Thanks for considering ZCB.

While the current release of ZCB backs up an entire PST file, there are few things to note:

- Performance of ZCB has been significantly optimized since the first release couple of years ago.

- There is a significant cost and penalty of backing up PST using blocks at the time of recovery. Basically you have to piece blocks together from various backups (as they are useless individually). Also, with certain Outlook operations, whole of (or most of) PST file gets backed up anyway, even if the software supported block-level incrementals.

- We are looking at ways of making incremental backup of PST more efficient in future releases. For now we recommend to have PST in its own independent backup set, with an independent schedule, retention policy etc.

- Our upcoming release will further optimize the performance of overall uploads.