View Full Version : UrBackup - New Open Source backup solution

January 25th, 2011, 03:55 AM
I've developed a backup solution that could be an alternative to BackupPC. My main issue with BackupPC was that it uses rsync. This caused some performance issues on my Windows clients. Incremental backup of my "development" folder took over 2 hours (it has over 400000 small files in it), even if only few files changed.

Here the main differences to BackupPC
-Has a windows client that watches the directories that are backupped. Speeds up file differencing on incremental backups
-Saves files using hardlinks like rdiff-backup and rsync. You can easily restore via e.g. samba.
-Can do image backups of partitions
-Backups open files using shadow copies (also used for the images)
-Doesn't encrypt transfers using ssh -> Faster, but you should only use it in trusted networks or via VPN

The homepage: http://www.urbackup.org

I'm posting here in the hope to get some feedback and maybe some help for developing a linux client and/or for more supported linux distributions.