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December 17th, 2010, 02:44 PM

Solaris 10

I am doing some work for a company I just started working with that has a Sun box with a HP robot & SCSi LTO-4 drive. This was an uncompleted project leftover from the last SysAdmin who bailed from the company.

As I have been told, the SysAdmin was never able to get this working, but the details of the problems he was having were unclear. As such, I started delving into the project, and the first thing I discovered is that the Sun/Amanda is having issues with the robot & drive. This is what is being reported in the device configuration for /dev/sg0 on the Zmanda console for devices:

Device not found: check spelling, permissions, connections

Also, this message is being reported:

lsscsi: Tool "lsscsi" experienced problems: sh: lsscsi: not found
Tool "mtx" experienced problems: sh: mtx: not found

But mtx is installed:

-bash-3.00# pkginfo -x CSWmtx
CSWmtx mtx - SCSI Media Changer and Backup Device Control
(i386) 1.2.18

My research also says that 'lsscsi' is part of the sysfsutils package, that that is also installed (though that binary is not on the system). And I think 'lsscsi' is a Linux binary, not a Solaris binary; I have found it on a SuSe box we have.

Does anyone have any ideas why Amanda is calling a Linux binary that should not be native on a Sun box?

As always, all help is greatly appreciated.


December 17th, 2010, 03:45 PM

lsscsi is not required on Solaris to configure tape changer.
mtx is not being found because management console is not looking at the
correct location. It should look at /opt/csw/bin.

Please open a support case in Zmanda Network. Our support team can help
you with mtx issue.