View Full Version : Indexing with tar wrapper

December 8th, 2010, 04:46 PM
Hi All,

We're using a tar wrapper to backup AFS volumes which has worked flawlessly for quite some time now.

Up until now we have not realized the need for a file index and wish to index our afs dumps.

I wrote a custom utility which parses an AFS dump and spits out a file list just as a tar -tf would.

It seems that amanda no longer connects to the client and issues the 'tar -tf - | sed /somepattern' to build it's indexes. I have run several straces on regular amanda backups and do NOT see it connecting and issuing the command to start indexing as the older versions have in the past.

How does amanda build it's indexes now? Does it have a way of parsing the output from tar and reading in the tar archive at the same time now, to make it one step?