View Full Version : No tapestart header -- unlabeled device?

September 13th, 2010, 02:55 PM
I am seeing a couple of tapes where amtape is unable to read the Amanda label:

slot 7: time 20100413164517 label pool-7
amtape: slot 8: No tapestart header -- unlabeled device?
slot 9: time 20100414210001 label pool-9
slot 37: time 20100710210001 label pool-37
No tapestart header -- unlabeled device?slot 38: time 20100713210001 label pool-38
slot 39: time 20100715210001 label pool-39

Not sure what's up with the output from tape 37-39, but the tape in slot 8 is one where my Amanda configuration, which is supposed to be able to span tapes, tried to span a tape during a taper run:

Is Amanda supposed to overwrite the label in that case? I doubt it.