View Full Version : chunker: cont_filename cannot contain spaces

September 3rd, 2010, 07:04 AM
We recently updated to 3.1.1 (Ubuntu 10.04 server, 32-bit) and started having problems with a windows client. The amdump file on the server produces this message:

chunker: cont_filename cannot contain spaces

Shortly after i get this:

driver: result time 372.042 from dumper0: FAILED 00-00002 "[data write: Broken pipe]"

and the backup fails. I tried upgrading to the 3.1.2 ubuntu package but it did nto help. I did find this link:


suggesting this is a known issue. However, these changes do not appear in the 3.1.2 source (downloaded and verified). Can any one suggest how to proceed until this change makes its way into the production binaries?