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Johan Barelds
December 17th, 2006, 07:03 AM
hi all,

I am trying to backup a remote mysql database with use of the socket-copy.pl plugin.
I have eveything set up and from the ZRM server i can connect to the remote server on port 25300 with telnet (telnet <remoteservername> 25300).

Now i made a backup-set with the rule
copy-plugin=/usr/share/mysql-zrm/plugins/socket-copy.pl enabled
so the request should be tunneled to the remote server.
But unfortunatly that doesn't happen:
INFO: mysqladmin --user="<mysqluser>" --password="*****" --host="<remoteservername>" variables
ERROR: Command returned error
ERROR: Output of command: 'mysqladmin --user="<mysqluser>" --password="*****" --host="<remoteservername>" variables' is {
mysqladmin: connect to server at '<remoteservername>' failed
error: 'Lost connection to MySQL server during query'
ERROR: Cannot connect to mysql server!

And when i check the /var/log/xinetd.log on the remote server i don't see any connecting beeing made to port 25300 via xinetd, so my conclusion is that the tunneling doesn't work and the problem is on the ZRM server side.

Does anyone has any clues what to check/do ?


Gr. Johan Barelds

December 17th, 2006, 06:30 PM
Have you specified MySQL user name and the password in mysql-zrm.conf (http://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/mysql-zrm.conf) or
MySQL options file on the machine that is running ZRM?

It appears mysql client from the machine running ZRM is not able to connect to
the MySQL server. Please ensure MySQL user name, password, server name and port are correct.

Please check if MySQL server is running on the machine. Try
using mysql command to connect to the server from the ZRM machine.

The copy plugin is only used for transferring files and is not used for connecting
to MySQL server.


Johan Barelds
December 23rd, 2006, 05:08 AM
Thanks for pointing that out Paddy!
It works now since i opened port 3306.

Gr. Johan Barelds

June 27th, 2008, 05:17 AM
I am trying to take remote automatic database backup between different network, I mean zrm installed system is in one network and Socket-server installed system is in other network.

Here I am using socket-copy as copy plugin.

Can you tell me whether should I need to open port 3306 or 25300 or both ports on remote mysql server where socket-server installed?

Thanks in advance.