View Full Version : full dump for archival purposes on separate tape?

August 25th, 2010, 10:05 AM
I'd like to cause a full dump of a system onto a separate tape (VTAPEs actually) so I can then "pull" that tape(s) out of the rotation.

I was not able to find any specific instructions in the wiki docs, but from another thread I've stumbled on the idea of forcing all of the DLE(s) for the system...

amadmin <config> force <host> <dir>

Then run a backup, and mark the tape(s) which end up holding the backup of those DLEs to not be reused...

amadmin <config> no-reuse <tapelabel>

Bearing in mind that I haven't tried any of this yet...

After I 'force' the DLEs and run a backup, won't the contents of the tape(s) used for the backup also contain pieces [what do you call the "chunks" written to tape anyway? ] from other systems that backed up in the run? ...is there a way to tell AMANDA to do a run backing up only those forced DLEs so there's nothing else on the vtape(s) I want to mark as no-reuse?

August 25th, 2010, 11:01 AM
Turns out to be very easy. Force all the DLEs for the system:

$ amadmin <config> force <host>

Perform a backup of only the one host:

$ amdump <config> <host>

See where that level zero dump was stored:

$ amadmin <config> info <host>

Current info for <host> /:
Stats: dump rates (kps), Full: 3082.0, 1540.4, 1742.3
Incremental: 9.2, 15.7, 16.4
compressed size, Full: 72.5%, 72.5%, 72.5%
Incremental: 9.9%, 10.0%, 10.8%
Dumps: lev datestmp tape file origK compK secs
0 20100825 <tape_label> 1 5093830 3695377 1199

Then pull the tape from use:

$ amadmin <config> no-reuse <tape_label>