View Full Version : Index Creation Failed

July 8th, 2010, 12:15 PM
I'm receiving "Index Creation Failed" warnings for all of my DLE's. Zmanda support has told me to delete the IndexRecords file in the ZWC misc folder but this has not resolved the issue.

Here is a portion of the Strange Details section from the Summary report:

/-- "F:/departments/itdata" lev 1 STRANGE
sendbackup: start ["F:/departments/itdata" level 1]
sendbackup: info BACKUP=pkzip
sendbackup: info RECOVER_CMD=Extract with zmanda windows client or unzip program
sendbackup: info end
| Total bytes written: 375099541 (366308KiB, 811903KiB/s)
| Total Files Attempted: 203734 Total files backed up: 1369
? Index creation failed
sendbackup: size 366308
sendbackup: end