View Full Version : backing up local rsnapshot directory-- advice needed.

June 30th, 2010, 05:26 AM

I'm looking for a little advice on my setup.

Server: centos 5.5, quad core/8G ram.

Disks: Mirrored 300G for / and /export. (export has 180G free) 4-1.5T disks in raid5 (4.1T space) in an ESATA II enclosure (300gbps) mounted at /snapshot. (using the HP tapetool utility, I can get 160Mbps from the array)

Tape drive: internal HH, lto4, scsi on an ultra 320 bus. I have 13 tapes at the moment.

I'm running rsnapshot to backup 60 machines. I'm using /snapshot (the external raid) for the rsnapshot repository.

I have 5 daily, 4 weekly, and 3 monthly backups online. I'd like to write to tape the last monthly backup once a month. the size of the backup will be about 1.2T and its been fairly steady state in size

At the moment, I'm running performance tests with a sampling of data from one of the monthlies. (I'm getting ~60Mb/sec) (using span, and /export for my split buffer space)

There are a couple of different directions I could take the configuration. at the moment, I'm not using a holding disk I thought the data was already local so why write it out twice. should I use the 180 G freespace on /export as holding? should I just write it out to tape directly?

compression: serverside? clientside? hardware? none?
holding disk or direct write to tape?
tape changer (chg-manual) or just add new tapes as I need them?

block size congruence, ( should they all match? stinit.def, tapetype? does the block size on the raid array affect anything?(does blocksize on the hard drive matter?)

any advice on direction would be helpful.
Thank you in advance!!
Kind regards,