View Full Version : Amanda 3.1.1 released

June 29th, 2010, 01:26 PM

The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 3.1.1. It is a bug file release.

Source tarballs are available from

* http://www.amanda.org
* https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=120

Binaries for many systems are available from

* http://www.zmanda.com/download-amanda.php

Documentation can be found at

* http://wiki.zmanda.com

Here's a list of the changes for release 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog file for more details.

* Deprecated old changers; see amanda-changers(7) for replacements.
These changers are still available in the distribution, but will
be removed in a future release.
o chg-null
o chg-zd-mtx
o chg-rait
o chg-disk
o chg-multi
* Although chg-zd-mtx is still supported, we recommend that all
users upgrade to the more efficient chg-robot. See
contrib/convert-zd-mtx-to-robot.sh for a useful conversion script.
* Amanda server configuration file changes (amanda.conf)
o deprecated configuration keywords:
+ label_new_tapes
o keywords deprecated in 3.1:
+ rawtapedev
+ tapebufs
+ file-pad
o new configuration keyword
+ autolabel -- replace label_new_tapes
+ columnspec -- can specify a precision.
+ order -- in script, to specify script order
+ client_port -- in dumptype, to specify which port to
connect on the client.
+ estimate -- in dumptype, can specify multiple
estimate method.
o accept 'define' keyword for defining an holdingdisk
* Amanda client configuration file changes (amanda-client.conf)
o new configuration keyword
+ debug_days -- how many days to keep debug files.
+ client_port -- use by amrecover, specify which port to
connect on the server.
* Removed compile-time default --with-changer-device: specify a
device explicitly in amanda.conf instead
* amtape behavior has changed:
o 'device' subcommand removed
o 'slot advance' subcommand removed
o 'update' subcommand no longer displays each slot as it is
updated, and is not supported by all changers
o taperscan output has changed
o new 'inventory' subcommand
* amrmtape rewrite
o use long option
+ --changer -- Specify which changer to use
+ --cleanup -- Remove logs and indexes associated
with label
+ --dryrun -- do not update the original copies.
+ --erase -- Attempt to erase the data contained on
the volume
+ -keep-label -- Do not remove label from the tapelist
+ --quiet -- Opposite of --verbose
+ --verbose -- List backups of hosts and disks that
are being discarded.
* amdevcheck
o new --label option.
o new --properties option.
* Device API
o changed wildcard setting for S3_BUCKET_LOCATION from "" to "*"
o new 'ndmp:' device to write to a tape on an ndmp server.
o new 'dvdrw:' device to write to a dvd drive.
* Application API
o new properties to many applications
o amgtar
+ new ACLS, SELINUX and XATTRS properties
o amsamba
+ Allow '\' in diskname and amandapass.
+ new ALLOW-ANONYMOUS property.
o new applications:
+ ampgsql -- Backup PostgreSQL using continuous WAL
+ amsuntar -- Backup filesytem with the SUN tar
+ amraw -- Backup only one directory entry
* New taper, with DirectTCP support, changed tape and catalog format:
o all dumpfiles are now F_SPLIT_DUMPFILE
o all on-tape dumpfiles have numparts=-1, since it's no longer
possible to calculate this value in advance
o there is no logging or reporting of zero-byte, successful
parts (this may cause gaps in filenums in the catalog)
* Redesigned amreport
o much more natural command-line interface (just run 'amreport
o experimental XML output
* configuration override for dumptype works with inheritance.