View Full Version : How do I install BackupPC on a PIAF box alongside Webmin?

April 14th, 2010, 08:34 AM
Hi there.

I'm not a linux aficionado, but needs demand its use.

I have a PBX in a Flash install (latest) running on an Acer Aspire Revo to run my SOHO voip system. This system includes Webmin. I want to be able to backup my whole hard disk periodically so that any fubar in the system caused by updates etc. can be very quickly eliminated by redeploying an older 'backup' of the server drive in as timely a manner as possible.

Looking at the various solutions, Bacula and Amanda are just way beyond me, and probably not designed for this 'one box' backup solution to a NAS.

In the packages section of Webmin on my PIAF box, I note that I can install BackupPC, which I have done. But I also note that there is no webmin module for it, and instead have discovered that I need to log into the BackupPC UI separately. That's fine, except the install of BackupPC that webmin performs doesn't automatically configure access to the BackupPC config pages.

Reading around the net I'm aware that every install of BPC needs some manual configuration of various config files, not least Apache config, and I've found some fairly thorough tutorials for doing that. The problem is that all the tutorials assume that the primary purpose of the linux box in question is as a 'BackupPC' appliance, and they don't teach you how to make it play nice with other softwares.

For example, looking into the Apache config files as instructed, the tutorial for BPC tells me to replace the default (clean system) user name to 'backuppc' (or something) in order to make the web gui magic happen. The problem is that my pre-configured PIAF install has the user in the Apache httpd.conf file set to 'asterisk'. If I change this, I'm risking the asterisk core crapping out, not to mention wondering what it will do to my asterisk gui. Additionally, I also have webmin running, and want webmin to keep running, so I don't want to change any settings that would make webmin disappear, and BackupPC appear in its place.

Can anyone direct me to a tutorial, or help me through the process, for getting BackupPC fully up and running with a web UI on the same machine as a PIAF install which incorporates Webmin?


April 26th, 2010, 04:57 PM
Please post it in backuppc-users mailing list.