View Full Version : Incremental backup of Lotus Domino data

November 27th, 2006, 10:54 PM

IBM has a a C API Toolkit that includes a sample for Domino backup. These samples are for Windows only. It is basically two applications, one for full backup, and one is for incremental (based on transaction logs)

This site has a modified code that will work with Linux, but that includes only the full backup part of the code (http://domino.voigt.tv/ ). It is quite handy, and makes you able to do backup of databases without shutting down the Domino server.

The source file named dbrecs.c (located in the sample directory in the Toolkit )is capable of backing up (and recover) the archive transaction logs, and hence make a incremental backup of the databases. Has anyone ported dbrecs.c to a UNIX plattform?

IBM name for this Toolkit is C929UNA


It requiers a registration (free) to download.

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