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March 11th, 2010, 03:19 AM
Hi All.

I am looking for an alternative to retrospect for OS X. Since the release of retrospect 8 which was very welcome since 6 was lacking behind I have had nothing but trouble with it. So I am looking for an alternative. So far I have not found much available.

The only bit of software that I have found that I think would be worth moving to is PresSTORE which I have been testing and it does the job very well. I can't fault it in any way except when it comes to price. It is a very good product from what I have experienced but it has been sliced and diced into so many modules that it looks to be unaffordable to small business (10 - 20 users) saying that I don't think you should cut price when it comes to backing up your data.

So I came across Amanda. I have yet to get it up and running and before I dive into it to much am after some more information on it.

From what I can see there is no gui for the community version correct me if I am wrong. I am also wanting to know what is the best operating system to run it on. I am guessing some flavour of Linux but what would people suggest. I generally prefer debain/ubuntu as my flavour, but would prefer to run it on something that is best supported.

How well and what are peoples experiences of it backing up os x systems. Mostly 10.5 and up?

It's support for tape drives very good, average, poor?

Can I install the Backup server for the paid version of Amanda on to an OS X system and how difficult is this or do I need to run it on a linux box?

I think that is it for the moment, but I guess more will creep into my head. From what I can see even the paid for version of Amanda is not overly expensive and can be in the same range as a copy of retrospect which is quite good.

If any one else has any other information they think would be useful please let me know.

April 17th, 2010, 11:42 AM
Amanda server needs to run on a Linux server or a Solaris server. You can run it in a virtual machine as well. Any modern Linux distro works well. Lot of system administrators use CentOS or Ubuntu.

Tape support in Amanda is excellent.