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February 16th, 2010, 02:57 AM
Hi there,

We are planning to implement a new backup strategi on our mysql enviroments. We are using Netapp as storage but what I cant figure out is what licenses we need to perform backup using zmanda and Netapp Snapshot.

ZRM uses the NetApp Snapshot technology to take the point-in-time image of the underlying NFS exported volume, which is mounted from the NetApp storage system to store the MySQL databases, binary logs, and update logs. The point-in-time image (Snapshot copy) is stored in the same volume. Using Snapshot the ZRM will back up the MySQL database to the backup server.
NetApp storage systems include NetApp Snapshot API, which facilitates near-instantaneous hot backups and rapid restores.
ZRM for MySQL includes an optional Snapshot plug-in that integrates with NetApp Snapshot API to create consistent MySQL backups. It creates temporary Snapshot copies of the NetApp volumes to back up. The Snapshot copies are removed when the backup run is completed. ZRM for MySQL using NetApp Snapshot technology performs backups with minimal impact on MySQL applications.
This section describes the command-line configuration of NetApp Snapshot backups, including requirements for the MySQL database

We are currently using snapshoot for backup - Do we need snapshot manager license to use this feature with zmanda?

I have read this document but wants to be sure :-)


February 16th, 2010, 04:10 PM
Yes. You need a ZRM license to perform backups using Netapp Snapshots. Please contact zsales at zmanda dot com for more information.