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January 12th, 2010, 07:04 AM
On my server I need to increase runtapes to 50 and set the tape_splitsize to 5GB. I know how to do this to the .conf file, but it says that it gets overwritten by a .yml file. My question is, how do I change this permanently in the .yml

January 12th, 2010, 07:05 PM

I'm supposing this is a backup set using a "disk" device? For "tape" or "changer", you can set runtapes as "Maximum Media per Backup" on Backup->when. If it is "disk", you can generally just set the size of the virtual tape to be as big as needed per run (within constraints of your disk space and the amount of overall data being backed up per Backup Cycle).

If it is a "disk" device and you want to hard set these values, log out of ZMC.

In /etc/amanda/ <backup_set_name>/, you'll find a YAML file that is the "device binding" file. This is the only *.yml file in this configuration directory. Edit this and add the following at the top with the indentation exactly as below: none for the first 2 lines and 2 spaces for the remainder

runtapes: '50'
tape_splitsize_auto: 'on'
tape_splitsize_percent: 5
tape_splitsize_display: g
tape_splitsize_comment: auto-calculated
fallback_splitsize_display: m
fallback_splitsize: 100m

Change the "5" in the line

tape_splitsize_percent: 5

to be the number (may be a decimal) that, as a percent of your tape length, is 5G.

Now log back into ZMC. The device bindings will be regenerated and will produce a new device configuration file reflecting the new settings. The YAML file you just edited will also now have a new line. Depending on how well you picked a number for "tape_splitsize_percent", the new line will be

tape_splitsize: 5120m

You can run

$ amgetconf <backup_set_name> runtapes
$ amadmin <backup_set_name> disklist | grep split

to confirm that Amanda sees the changes as expected.


February 17th, 2010, 06:31 AM
I never responded, but thanks, that did the trick