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December 31st, 2009, 07:39 AM
Hi all,
I've read through most of the wiki and this subforum, and have just a couple questions about Amanda and the Windows Client.

First - I'd like to see if I understand the wiki's explanation of backup levels correctly. Please reference the example output snippet from "amadmin DailySet1 find" below:

date host disk lv tape or file file part status
2009-12-29 13:50:19 "C:/" 0 DailySet1-04 1 1/1 OK
2009-12-30 01:30:02 "C:/" 1 DailySet1-05 1 1/1 OK
2009-12-31 01:30:02 "C:/" 1 DailySet1-06 1 1/1 OK

In this example, am I correct in thinking that the 12-31-09 backup is a differential backup from the last full (level 0) on 12-29-09? So if I restore the 12-29-09 full backup, and then apply the 12-31-09 backup, then I'd have a correct restore for the entire C:/ drive based on the 12-31-09 point in time? In other words, I could skip the 12-30-09 backup entirely (hence the 12-31-09 is a differential, not an incremental).

Second - could anyone share any tips or advice on how to best apply incremental or differential backups to a full? Let's say that I need to restore most/all of a Windows machine, but I need to restore a level 0, 1, and 2 in order to get the most recent copy of the entire machine... do I simply need to perform the full level 0 restore, and then apply the level 1 and level 2 (overwriting old files in the process)? Is there a better way?

I'd appreciate your input. Thanks!!

December 31st, 2009, 09:56 AM
Yes 12/30 differential backup is not needed to restore to 12/31 state.

You need to start with most recent full, follow it with most recent level 1 and most recent level 2 .... to restore the DLE to most recent time.