View Full Version : Secure backup with untrusted server?

November 6th, 2006, 04:26 AM
Hi All,
I'm having difficulty finding any information on if/how one
could use amanda to perform secure backups to an
untrusted server. For example, I would like to encrypt the
backup on the client side first (which I know how to do)
but ensure that the server will use the script and
only the script I want it to use, and backup only the files
I want it to back up. The issue is that I do not have exclusive
control of the server (that is, how do I stop someone from
just modifying the server settings to ignore my exclude
list and my encryption script?) It seems to me that if the
server is compromised, so is every machine it backs up.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

November 6th, 2006, 09:07 AM
It is difficult to do with current version of Amanda. Amanda client configuration (encryption, exclude files) are only done on the server and if the server is compromised, it is possible to change the client configuration.

It is most likely possible to do what you are asking for when Application API is implemented in the next release.


November 6th, 2006, 12:10 PM
Thanks Paddy,
I'll look forward to the next release.
I guess what I am really looking for is
a system where the Server asks the Client
to package up its file set, and just sends
it to the Server, all done, and the Server
just archives it. In the meantime, I'll have to
get around it by having every machine run
its own amanda client/server pair, and back up
to a network mounted directory.