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November 5th, 2006, 09:01 PM
hey friends,

I am using ZRM 1.1 to backup Mysql 4.1 and Mysql 5.0 databases. I have few questions regarding ZRM

a) Does ZRM supports online backup means if the users are connected to the mysql databases even then ZRM should be able to take the backup of databases and there should not be any disruption in the work of users. Mysqldump command while taking the backup put read locks on all the tables in the database so no user can write on the tables.

b) Does ZRM supports taking backup of views and stored procedures of Mysql 5.x and whether online backup of these are supported.

c) In which version or how early NDB storage engine will be supported by ZRM.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

November 6th, 2006, 01:10 PM
Hi Ankush,

Thanks for using ZRM for MySQL 1.1

ZRM for MySQL supports the online backup of MySQL databases using various backup methods. ZRM uses the backup method that will have least disruption to the application as well as users. For MySQL databases, hot, online backups (zero interruption to
application) can be accomplished using LVM snapshots (hot backups only for transactional storage engines such as InnoDB) as well as MySQL replication. ZRM for MySQL supports these two hot backup methods.

ZRM for MySQL supports backups of views and stored procedures. Only logical backups can be done if the database has views.

Support for NDB storage engine will be added in few months.