View Full Version : Db restore from a copy of the backup

April 1st, 2009, 02:22 AM
I'm going to evaluate ZMANDA.

I would like to understand if it can be useful for my architecture.

Architecture description.

Three different site:
- SITE_A: Rome
- SITE_B: London
- SITE_C: New York

Each site has two box (RedHat 4):
- DB_HOST with MySQL 5.1
- AS_HOST with Apache

Each Hot backup of the database will be saved into the AS_HOST
and then each backup will be copied into the remote sites via scp or FTP.

If the entire SITE_A is down, can I use the FTP copy to restore the database into the SITE_B (or the SITE_C)?

April 1st, 2009, 09:30 AM
You certainly can. Zmanda uses open formats which means that the backup data is stored in such a way that you can use regular filesystem commands to restore it. For example, if you look in one of the timestamp directories you may see a file like:


If you rename this to backup_data.tgz you can then extract its contents using:

tar zxvf backup_data.tgz

Or you may see just the MySQL data files if you had done a snapshot backup , or you might see a backup.sql which is the mysqldump.

This will produce the binary logs or the data files or whatever you are looking for. You can then use the mysql command or the mysqlbinlog command to replay these.