View Full Version : Recovery of a live server when backing up in a replication slave

February 19th, 2009, 08:07 AM
The two ways that I thought to accomplish this:

A Method
1. Install Zmanda only on the replication server and create two backup sets, one that will point to the replication slave and one that will point to the live through the ssh plugin or perhaps an ssh tunnel.
2. Do your backups using the replication slave backup set.
3. Restore to the live using the live backup set.

B Method
1. Install Zmanda on the replication server as well as the live server. Also create a backup set on the live pointing to the live database.
2. Transfer (scp) the backup source directory from the replication server to live.
3. Use mysql-zrm utility on live to restore from backup source directory that was just transfered back to live.

I am not sure if method A would work so I think that Method B will be more robust. What is your opinion about this ?

February 19th, 2009, 09:13 AM
In a master/slave configuration it is generally only necessary to back up the slave server. When doing that, you can then restore to the slave, another slave, or the master server. If you're backing up the slave then backing up the master would only essentially be backing up the same data twice.

Make sure, however, on the slave to --log-slave-updates and have binary logging turned on. This will allow you to take full AND incremental backups of the slave.