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September 17th, 2006, 11:42 AM
This thread (http://forums.zmanda.com/showthread.php?t=86&highlight=amandahosts) on going from 2.4 to 2.5 was helpful.

There is no man for amandahosts, and there is a difference in the wiki and the example installed. Does each line contain only 2 parameters (fully-qualified host and id)? There was a amandahosts file installed from the rpm and the first line contained:

localhost amandabackup amdump

Is the amdump valid syntax?

The last line of the example amanda.conf is #includefile "/etc/amanda/amanda.conf.main".
Is there a list/example of what a global amanda.conf would look like vs a specifc dump (i.e., /etc/amanda/daily, /etc/amanda/archive, /etc/amanda)?

Thank you.

September 18th, 2006, 05:11 PM

localhost amandabackup amdump is valid for 2.5.1. Earlier versions did not
have services field. It was just "hostname username".

See 2.5.1 details in the wiki page for .amandahosts changes (http://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/Configuring_bsd/bsdudp/bsdtcp_authentication).


#includefile "/etc/amanda/amanda.conf.main" is an example of how to include another file containing amanda.conf parameters. I did not understand what you are looking for. Usually for archive configurations, the dumptype would
be different. It will have "record no" and strategy will be "noinc"